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Achevas H2 Math Workshop
I remember signing the enrolment form just 5 minutes after I chanced upon Achevas because I was freaking out a few weeks before promos in JC1 and thought that I’ll just give it a try. I guess my then rash decision was right because I never thought I would ever look forward to math tuition every week.

Achevas’ lessons were very different from tutorials and lectures in school as they are very detailed in their teaching and would make sure that each chapter’s key points are drilled into our brains before moving on to the next. The teacher, Jack's, hacks and tips are very easy to remember compared to what’s written in schools’ lecture notes. He is also one of the funniest teacher I’ve ever met and his jokes (together with his life stories) will definitely wake you up when you’re sleepy in class / watching the recorded videos on Achevas TV at home.

I was always slow at math but Jack would stay back after class to clarify my doubts and would also entertain my endless questions online. He makes extra time and effort to go through my school exam papers with me thoroughly (and maybe laugh at my dumb mistakes along the way) and gave me personalised advice on how I should move forward.

Even though the improvements in my grades weren’t immediate, I slowly saw myself understanding the concepts and grasping the techniques used to solve each type of questions over the course of ~1.5 years in Achevas. My view on math as a subject that was boring and difficult changed drastically, and I am very thankful to have met such an inspiring and dedicated teacher in my life.

I wouldn’t have achieved what I did in math without Achevas, and I am really grateful for all the help and support given to me ... THANKYOU LAOSHI!!
~ Xing Hui Xin (DHS) | H2 Math ~
I remembered feeling lost sometimes when doing math. For most of my secondary and JC education math was a clear struggle for me. But after joining Achevas, I felt that I was not alone in my struggles and was being patiently guided one step at a time. Jack’s emphasis on the core ideas of each topic to the intense drilling of classic or ‘in trend’ questions greatly helped me retackle my unstable math foundation. What makes Jack’s lessons even more valuable was his earnestness to answer questions and clarifications after class and even beyond tuition, proving his genuine interest in helping his students to the best of his abilities. I remembered texting often questions or doubts I had in math, sometimes during awkward junctures of the day and I can always count that Jack would guide me. Beyond being just a tuition teacher, Jack is a mentor, a cheerleader in some way who silently tracks my progress. His ability to build rapport with students truly instilled greater confidence in me in math, as well as allow me to understand my misguided approach in math accumulated over the years. Overall Jack’s guidance in math has been a truly enriching one that I am very thankful for.
~ Seah Ruishan (SAJC) | H2 Math ~
Ms Janice Ong with her students
Dear Ms Janice, I didn’t believe in myself but you said I could do it, so in order not to disappoint you, I had the confidence and a goal in mind. If it wasn’t for you I would never have thought that I could pass Math (I literally only passed once in junior year that’s how bad it was) so anyways I REALLLLLLYYYYYY want to sincerely thank you for all your notes, all that effort, love and passion put into our studies. A teacher really does affect a student’s studies.
You gave me the motivation I needed and so I will never forget you.
~ Law Hui Ling | Additional Math ~
Honestly, I hated Math. Always did. However, Ms Janice has officially brainwashed me and now it’s not so bad. But really, thank you! I couldn’t even pass Math but now I’m improving. I will miss you Cher!
~ Aly | Additional Math ~
Jack Ng with students at Achevas H2 Math Tuition Center
I started math tuition with Jack when it was nearing prelims and through his guidiance and encouragement, I was able to discover math in a different light and able to fully comprehend what was required of the demanding A-Level syllabus. Jack was able to provide sufficient and essential notes and practices to aid in my preparation and ensured that we were equipped with key skills in time management and strategies to tackle the Mathematics Paper. He was also amazingly able to spark the slightest of interests even within the most dreaded topics. My experience with Jack within a short period of 3 months was exceedingly fruitful and definitely boosted me in my pursuit for mathematics excellence.
~ Chua Wen Bin (ACJC) | H2 Math ~
I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from lessons with Mr Jack. The use of Outlines and C+Qs in teaching and subsequently revising topics in class led these to be essentials I used in my personal revision. And the way he carried out lessons and drilled concepts and steps into us really helped me approach questions using these as a guide. It had grounded my understanding and foundation. Mr Jack’s revision classes are also really unique and effective. Besides just getting us to practice and practice, he targets specific segments of topics and drills us, and then exposes us to such questions in different variations. I feel that being in his class, I have no room for complacency, and am thus always motivated to keep on practicing and improving. I also felt that the methods he taught us to revise and practice could be brought over to my other subjects and hence found them highly useful. Additionally, Mr Jack is a really passionate and caring teacher and he puts a lot of thought into his lessons and materials. He would share occasional stories in class and explains even the rationale behind his plans and methods. I think my journey doing H2 math would not have been as smooth and enjoyable if not for the guidance I received from Mr Jack :)
~ Charmain Koh (RI) | H2 Math ~
My experience with Math since secondary school can at best be described as a struggle – and not one which I was succeeding at. A firm believer that Math was all about drilling questions until familiarity, I pushed myself to complete as many practice questions as I could, hoping that with enough work I would understand the concepts that were so foreign to me and pull up my grades. It wasn’t until the beginning of my J2 year that I realized how many concepts I simply didn’t understand, and joined Jack's lessons praying for at least a passing grade by the time ‘A’ levels came around.

Jack has done much more than that, and not merely in terms of improving my results. Lessons with Jack don’t feel like your regular tutorial lessons or lectures, where you sit and attempt to absorb as much content as you can. Jack engages the class with amusing anecdotes and stories about his experiences, and his passion for teaching and for the subject is so evident in his manner that it is contagious. Other teachers may boast of how their students have improved their failing grades in a subject, but what Jack does for his students goes above and beyond that – he inspires his students to want to learn more about Math, and to come to care about how much they understand about Math rather than simply doing the questions by rote.

Even beyond his ability to motivate the most unwilling of students, what has impressed me most about Jack is his dedication to all his students. Ask him any question during the week, and Jack is sure to explain until you feel completely confident of your understanding. As a teacher, Jack is exemplary both in his caliber and his commitment to teaching; he is, without a doubt, someone who will spark your interest, improve your results, and remain a mentor and friend beyond that.
~ Alisa Toh (RI) | H2 Math ~
Jack's passion towards math is evident in his teaching. I never fail to be inspired by his stories and experiences that have moulded him and how he apply and relate them to math, providing food for thought after every lesson. Besides his interesting way of teaching, he provides additional help after class or even through whatsapp to those who need it, to ensure complete understanding of any concepts or questions. It is his dedication that fuels this drive in me to achieve better grades and not to disappoint him. Under his guidance, I developed immense understanding and appreciation for math, as Jack is one tutor who explains all these formulae which many of us merely apply without wondering the workings behind it. With his different methods of teaching and approachable personality, he will definitely make your journey in conquering math an easier and enjoyable one.
~ Lee Shiyun (NJC) | H2 Math ~
Thank you, Ms Janice, for everything you have done for us. I truly appreciate the time and effort you have spent teaching me (& the class) Math. I don’t think anyone could have taught me the subject better than you. You are an amazing teacher. I appreciate all the time you took to prepare great notes & lessons. In the past two years, you have really impacted my life. I admire your passion to teach. I love you and will remember your positive mindset, life lessons & quotes. You have been more than a teacher to us.
~ Michelle Ott | Additional Math ~
Dear Ms Janice, although Math wasn’t a subject I really liked, having you as my teacher really helped me and I’m pretty sure the only reason I looked forward to classes was because of you. I will always remember your motivational theories. I hope more people will be inspired by you, like how you inspired us, and that they are able to experience your friendliness and just wonderful character. We love you!
~ Sze Yie | Additional Math ~
H2 Math Revision Class for JC2 students
Through lessons with Achevas, I learnt the importance of understanding Math concepts. Previously I had disliked Math and had thought that memorizing formulas and the method of answering would suffice. Now that I have understood the concepts and the basics, I am able to do Math questions with more confidence. Lessons are also interesting, with Jack using analogies to help us understand certain concepts better. This has definitely changed my mindset that Math lessons are boring, and has helped with my absorption of lessons. There is also no fear of having problems with understanding, because Jack is very approachable and we can clarify our doubts with him without feeling pressured. He would also give us suggestions to change our way of presentation or to make some notes so that we were able to see the question and see our train of thought more clearly. Thank you Jack! :D
~ Ng Yung Hian (HCI) | H2 Math ~
Achevas' learning methodology has greatly strengthened my fundamental understanding of math concepts especially in topics such as Vectors and Calculus. By dissecting complex formulas into basic core concepts, I can understand and apply. Jack provides concise notes that are great studying material. He is a jovial and encouraging tutor who is akin to a friend. He does not stress us but provides us as much help as he can during the A level period. His interactive and enjoyable lessons are something I look forward to every week :)
~ Tong Ping Hui (HCI) | H2 Math ~
The best teachers inspire you, entertain you and you end up learning a ton without even realising it. Jack is one such teacher. He not only provided concise, visually appealing topical summaries for easy revision, but also patiently stayed back after lessons to go through concepts we were unsure of and work out any questions we could not solve. His step-by-step approach meant that his explanations for even the difficult problems became supremely easy to grasp. I especially enjoyed the fact that rather than settle for letting us memorise formulae, he went into the reasoning and proofs behind them. This proved to be particularly beneficial as it addressed misconceptions I was not even aware I had! His lessons were rather lively as well, making it vastly easier to concentrate and absorb the material. All in all, the year I spent under Jack’s tutelage not only improved my mathematical ability but also nurtured a deeper appreciation for the subject.
~ M Kayal Pillay (RI) | H2 Math ~
I do not know how lucky I am to meet Jack during my A level preparation. His approach towards maths was different from what we used to learn from school - He used the Achevas methodology to guide and show us overall understanding of each and every chapter of maths. I used to consider maths as another memorizing subject that we have to keep memorizing the same formulas and types of questions. However, he changed my approach towards maths and taught me how to broaden my understanding and apply concepts that we learnt to all the different types of questions. His lessons never fail to enlighten me as his analytical and extensive explanation always allowed me to clear my doubts.

Jack has always encouraged students to ask him questions and he boosted our confident in maths by guiding us step-by-step. All I can say is that he was not just another maths teacher for me and my classmates but he is also our friend, parent and senior who always help us in maths, many other subjects and school-life too. We could learn a lot from his positive attitudes and strong belief in oneself to excel in our studies, and he constantly cheered us to stay strong during A level periods as well. Last but not least, he proved the importance of good cooperation between student and teacher as “A” cannot be solely achieved by either good teacher or smart student but only when both of them work together as one. ACHEVAS ALL THE WAY!
~ Olivia Kim Young Ah (IJC) | H2 Math ~
Jack’s teaching opens doors you never knew existed. He offers you glimpses into strange possibilities where Math can be applied – a diverse range from engineering science to corporate surveys among others. His teaching methods are really unique and interesting – using inspirational and personal stories and analogies to make a strong and memorable statement. Jack’s obvious passion towards Math is contagious – you can’t help but look at Math in an increasingly favourable light under his tutelage.

That’s not to say he has nothing to offer for more results-oriented people (and parents!) that desire that coveted ‘A’. Jack certainly gets you results - he is one of the most dedicated tutors I have ever encountered. You can literally Whatsapp him a challenging Math question at midnight and he will answer; that’s how much commitment he places on his students’ learning progress. He will painstakingly guide you through your learning, giving you numerous tips, tricks and stratagems you have never encountered before with regard to handling the GC, breaking challenging questions into simple steps, and even the proper thought processes when doing certain questions. I find it very hard to believe that other Math tutors will take the enormous effort needed to develop an entirely novel paradigm of studying Math, while the Achevas system, a methodical and step-by-step outline for basically every type of question for each topic in JC Math, can be as short as two A4 pages. It’s exactly what you’re supposed to have in your brain before entering an examination laid out nicely in physical representation. If you’re looking for a tutor that will pique your interest in Math, take the necessary time to strengthen your shaky understanding of Math, or even transform Math into a positively easy subject, Jack is unequivocally your number one choice.
~ J.J. Ong (HCI) | H2 Math ~
Jack Ng with students at Achevas H2 Math Tuition Center
Ms Janice is a really awesome teacher! Now I see why all the previous seniors praised you so much. You have a unique way of teaching students and motivating them to reach their best potential. Thank you, you made my school life so much more interesting and purposeful.
~ Qian Yun | Additional Math ~
Thank you so much, Ms Janice for unconditionally believing in each and every one of us. Your relentless spirit to look beyond all of our shortcomings and be a perfect teacher to a group of less than perfect students inspires me and so many others. It makes me believe that I can achieve my full potential. The biggest lesson you taught me, Ms Janice, would honestly be that I have the power to change anything in my life — if I’m weak at a certain topic, I need to practise that topic more. If I’m feeling demotivated about a failure I’ve experienced, I should change something in order to prevent the failure from happening again instead of moping about it. If I keep forgetting to do something, I should set a reminder and make it routine. There have been a million different things you’ve taught me, and it would take forever to list them out, but to sum all them up, having the power to change myself would be the biggest one. Thank you for completely transforming my high school life, Ms Janice.
~ Shabita | Additional Math ~
Ms Janice Ong with her students
Math was torture until I found Achevas. Jack's explanations were so clear, it was like an evil veil was magically lifted from my eyes so that suddenly I could do math!! He has a precise, systematic answer explanation for how to do everything (except integration techniques, for which the answer was, sadly but truly, "practice"). And if you forget, you can find it on Achevas TV, or just ask Jack again! He was always really approachable and easygoing, and I never dreaded lessons. I highly highly recommend Achevas x10000. I know I wouldn't have survived JC Math without it.
~ Sarah-Kei Lauw (RI) | H2 Math ~
Tuition has always been boring to me. Math tuition was the worse and I have always been failing my mathematics. To me, it was a torture and I disliked it so whenever possible I would avoid it. When I first started JC I struggled with Maths for the first 3 months, failing consecutive tests. But one day I chanced upon Achevas, hesitant in the beginning but I still decided to give it a try. "WOW" - this is the word I would use to describe the experience! After learning Math from Jack, I begin to view it as a fun and exciting challenge. And with the aid of Achevas' unique learning process, I began to do well for my tests. However I did badly again during my mid-year but Jack continued to guide and mentor me, correcting my exam techniques and changing my mindset, and within the next two months I experienced a five-grades improvement for my end-of-year! Jack is an amazing teacher and motivator!
~ Justin Chew (PJC) | H2 Math ~
I joined Jack’s tuition in December, at the end of secondary 3. My math, at that point in time, was a mess and I was honestly struggling to even pass. My grades were constantly hovering around 45-55 marks, and my math concepts were extremely weak. Initially when I joined the class, I always felt lost and frustrated because I could never grasp the concepts as fast as the rest, but Jack always attended to me and made sure I was able to keep up. After a few weeks, I was able to better understand concepts and my math picked up from there. In secondary 4, math became my strongest subject, and I began scoring high 70-80 for my exams. Even in junior college, when all my other subjects were struggling, math was still my only subject that was constantly a C grade and above. Jack honestly helped spark my interest for math by being ever so patient and kind towards not only me, but all his students. His love and passion for math really rubs off on his students, and I couldn’t be more grateful to Jack for helping to boost my math grade. Math lessons with Jack have been extremely enjoyable, and joining his math class will most definitely help you improve leaps and bounds and aid you in your arduous math journey.
~ Ling Shu Wen (NYJC) | H2 Math ~
Over the entire course of my A level life, I went through 3 different math tutor before settling at Jack’s. What makes Jack a cut above the rest is his approach and attitude towards math. Most tutors, including my school teachers are firm believers of "practice till you get it right" where they expect students to show a clear understanding of a certain topic after doing tons and tons of questions. Jack however, adopts a "practice till you never get it wrong again" approach. Rather than going through 100 different questions, Jack talks about the core concepts behind the topics and show how it can easily be applied to questions. This not only simplifies understanding, but also makes recapping of a topic very easy as Jack will break a full topic down into bits and pieces which expedites revision. Additionally, Jack is extremely dedicated to his students as well. Whenever I lack behind in his class, Jack isn’t afraid to shell out additional after-class time to help me get back on my feet. I remembered my first day in Jack’s class where he ask every student what we feel about Math and I said I dislike Math. Ironically, now Math is my best subject. If time were to rewind and I am to take my A levels, Jack and Achevas will definitely be my go to place for seeking help for Math again.
~ Winson Chow (MI) | H2 Math ~
Since secondary school, Mathematics has always been a daunting subject for me. It was difficult to comprehend where to begin or what questions to do to improve; Mathematics was a complete struggle. As a firm believer of the term “Practice Makes Perfect”, I continually did a range of questions, hoping to seek progress. But, Jack made me realised the gap in that belief which I held. Practices only makes perfect when it is applied with an aim to a concept. He enlightened me to the different ways to how Mathematics concepts can be broken down into, and how each sub – concepts within should be tackled. Furthermore, the thick and lengthy lecture notes from school seem to increase the difficulty to digest the concepts. I am immensely grateful and appreciative of Jack’s concise notes, where each topic is succinctly summarised into a page or two. Understanding the main idea of each chapter has never been easier!

In addition, with the provision of Achevas TV, it is possible to access the outlines anytime or anywhere. Achevas TV has provided a platform for me to clear any misconceptions on the topics and helps me to remember core ideas when I fail to recall them. This has really helped to enhance my revision especially towards A Levels.

Beyond that, Jack has provided a fun and joyous environment for learning with his amusing jokes and interesting life experiences. It is unusual to sit through the class without the sound of laughter or a signs of smiles. Jack never fails engages the class with his passion and enthusiasm for Mathematics. From there, even the most difficult concepts is easily absorbed and grasped.

I am truly thankful for the patience guidance from Jack, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH JACK! ☺
~ Chou Hui Shan (JJC) | H2 Math ~
Once upon a time, in the land of achievers, "Achevas", there lived a commando named Jack. One day, he met two lost souls who were desperate of help as they failed to climb to the top of the beanstalk despite several attempts. With the Achevas System, he taught them "concepts and questions", which is the secret to reach the top of the beanstalk. The journey was arduous, leaving them torn and tattered but he continued to inspire them with his passion, allowing them to reach the top of the beanstalk! He led them in the fight with the math giant on the beanstalk, providing them with useful tactics promptly when in need, enabling them to defeat the math giant eventually. They would encourage everyone to join Jack in this fight to climb up the beanstalk and defeat the giant. While it may not be easy, they promise that it will be a fulfilling and exciting journey.
~ Joan and Baoyi (HCI) | H2 Math ~
Jack Ng with students at Achevas H2 Math Tuition Center
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