Achevas Topical Optimization Masterplan

The simple truth is that different topics need different approaches. We’ve perfected a plan of attack for each one of them, and we’re here to share our knowledge with you.

Sometimes, your grades just don’t meet expectations despite all the hard work you put in. And that’s frustrating, to say the least.

Like many others, you’re likely using an approach that isn’t optimized for the topic at hand, so let’s fix that.

Theory-Centric and Practice-Centric learning approaches explained

We’d like to introduce the concepts of Theory-Centric topics and Practice-Centric topics.

A Theory-Centric topic requires that we gain sufficient understanding of the fundamental concepts before starting our first attempt at a question, in order for that attempt to be a meaningful exercise. In other words, a topic for which a Theory-Centric approach works best.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have a Practice-Centric topic where strategic exposure to a variety of questions, even without any prior knowledge, can help form a basic framework of key ideas central to the topic, either intuitively or through logical reasoning.

In reality, every H2 Math topic lies somewhere between these two extremes. The tricky part, therefore, is figuring out a gameplan that has the right combination of Theory-Centric and Practice-Centric approaches. That’s where we come in.

Discover the right approach for every topic in the H2 Math syllabus

Through a decade of experience, in-depth analysis and extensive field-testing, we’ve engineered a fully-optimized learning strategy, or as we call it, Masterplan for every topic in the H2 Math syllabus.

At Achevas, a lot goes into curriculum planning and lesson design. Instructional components are carefully selected to help you build a solid understanding of each topic along with its theoretical underpinnings, and more importantly, develop the versatility to apply what you’ve learned to a diverse range of exam-level questions.

Example Topic: Functions

  • Introduction to Functions
  • Present aspects of Functions that will be easiest for students to relate based on their existing secondary school experience
  • Present key concepts required in H2 Math Functions
  • Emphasize the additional concepts/difference between Functions in secondary school level and A-Level
  • Stretch and strengthen students’ understanding of key concepts via the consideration of Inverse Functions
  • Further stretch and strengthen students’ understanding of key concepts via the consideration of Composite Functions
  • Introduce piece-wise functions, idea of periodicity in functions and different perspectives to further analyze function concepts while prompting students to utilize their new-found knowledge to expound on the related concepts as independently as possible.

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