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Holiday Intensive Revision Nov/Dec 2023
For Sec3/IP3 students going Sec4/IP4 in Year 2024.
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2024 A-Math Classes Now Open For Registration
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  • Weekly Classes (2h duration)
  • Taught by Cambridge "Top In The World" Master Tutor, Janice Ong
  • In-house developed materials
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  • 24/7 access to video playbacks of the classes you have attended
  • Ad-hoc consultation (In-person, WhatsApp or Zoom)
Thank you, Ms Janice, for everything you have done for us. I truly appreciate the time and effort you have spent teaching me & the class Math. I don’t think anyone could have taught me the subject better than you.
~ Michelle ~
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Everything you love about our physical Additional Math tuition classes, now LIVE on Zoom – You’ll be able to ask questions and interface with your teacher in real time, just like you do in our physical classes.
For period between 21 Nov 2023 - 6 Dec 2023, all Sec3/IP3 weekly tuition will switch to End-Of-Year Topical Revision
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4 weekly classes (Sec3/Sec4/IP)
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(2024 classes open for registration)
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Achieve true mastery of Additional Math with our highly structured, yet refreshingly dynamic tuition classes.
For period between 21 Nov 2023 - 6 Dec 2023, all Sec3/IP3 weekly tuition will switch to End-Of-Year Topical Revision
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4 weekly classes (Sec3/Sec4/IP)
Enjoy the flexibility of switching between physical and online classes whenever you prefer – your seat in both classes will always be reserved for you.
2-hour trial class (Sec3/Sec4/IP)
Achevas (Jurong)
21 Jurong GatewayCPF Jurong Building (Entrance C)#04-01Singapore 608546
(5min walk from Jurong East MRT)
Achevas (Katong)
1 Brooke RoadKatong Plaza#02-41Singapore 429979
(Between Roxy Square & East Gate. 5min walk from Marine Parade Central.)
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(2024 classes open for registration)
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Our Additional Math Tutor
Master Tutor, Janice Ong
A Certified IGCSE Examiner, Janice has consistently produced students who attain the prestigious Cambridge Additional Math "Top In The World" award. [ Read more ]



Quadratic Functions
Equations & Quadratic Inequalities
Exponential Functions
Logarithmic Functions
Long Division, Remainder Theorem, Factor Theorem, Solving Polynomial Equations
Partial Fractions
Binomial Expansion
Coordinate Geometry
Transformation To Linear Form (Linear Law)
Trigonometry (1/5) The Functions
sin(x), cos(x), tan(x), cosec(x), sec(x), cot(x), radians, ASTC, angle transformations
Trigonometry (2/5) Graphs
Graphs of y=sin(x), y=cos(x), y=tan(x), graph transformations
Trigonometry (3/5) Equations
Trigonometry (4/5) Identities
Solving equations and proving identities
Trigonometry (5/5) R-Formula
Differentiation (1/2): Techniques
Differentiating using different results for various functions. Applying Product Rule, Quotient Rule and Chain Rule to extend the process of differentiation to more expressions.
Differentiation (2/2): Applications
Tangents & Normals, Rate of Change, Maxima & Minima.
Integration (1/2): Integration Techniques
Integration (2/2): Integration Applications
Areas & Reversing process of differentiation
Plane Geometry
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Our classes are designed to provide the right mix of theory and practice. Instead of doing endless worksheets, you can look forward to a dynamic learning environment that helps you learn with maximum efficiency. Click here to watch how our classes are conducted.

Absolutely. We encourage proactive learning, so don’t ever be afraid to ask questions in class. You can also reach your tutor via WhatsApp throughout the week.

To fully extend our academic support, we have developed dual online platforms: Achevas TV and Achevas MasterClass, with over 2,500 in-house produced H2 Math lecture videos created to guide you to mastery. We also consistently share Additional Math teachings on our popular YouTube channel where you can practice and review some of our teachings designed to build and strengthen your foundation.

You may also request a personal consultation with your tutor depending on their availability.

Let us know as early as possible. We’ll arrange a replacement class to ensure that you won’t miss out on anything. You’ll also be able to view a full-length recording of the class, and all materials will be saved for you.

We don’t believe in locking you down. If we’re not a good fit, we'll fully support your decision to find something more suited to your needs. For this reason, there is no mandatory notice period. Notify us before your next class and we’ll handle the rest, including the refunds for any unattended classes after the date of withdrawal.

We are educators first, and as our student, your needs will always matter the most.

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