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Tuition Registration

Achevas 360°

$380 for 4 weekly classes (2h each) $95 for 1 trial class (2h)

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Our Teachers
Jack Ng
Jack holds a First Class Honors Degree from the National University of Singapore, completing his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in 4½ years instead of the usual 6 through the invitation-only Accelerated Masters Programme. A Book Prize recipient, Jack maintained a place on the Dean's List for the entirety of his academic career.
Jiang Yilin
A recipient of the prestigious MOE Teaching (Overseas) Scholarship, Jiang Yilin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics (Hons) degree from the University of Cambridge.
With 10 years of teaching experience under her belt, Yilin is a dedicated and patient teacher whose personal goal is to instill a deep love of Math in each and every student.


We cap the average intake for each class at 15 - 20 students.

Our instructional programs are designed to be a combination of theory and practice.

To start, a strong foundational understanding and theoretical framework is established via a lecture component. Ideas are then further developed and crystallized via a guided practice component where we’ll methodically guide you through a set of questions specifically selected to illustrate the topic’s key concepts and applications.

Using these instructional components, we create a dynamic and structured learning environment that maximizes your cognitive investment. As a result, you learn more, and you learn better.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of our teaching methodology.

We encourage proactive learning, so don’t ever be afraid to ask questions in class.

To fully extend our academic support, we have developed dual online platforms: Achevas TV, designed to build and strengthen your foundation, and Achevas MasterClass, created to fast-track you to a level of mastery.

You may also request a personal consultation with your teacher depending on their availability.

Students enrolled can also reach their teacher via WhatsApp throughout the week.

Let us know as early as possible. We’ll arrange for you to attend another class so that you won’t miss out on what our lessons will cover that week.

If you are unable to attend makeup classes, do submit your leave application via our online leave application form. Please note that all leave applications must be made 3 days in advance.

If you are unable to attend classes due to illness or other medical reasons, medical leave may be applied by submission of a valid Medical Certificate.

We’ll process your leave application and pro-rate the month’s fees accordingly. The resultant fee refund will be reflected as an equivalent discount in the next monthly invoice.

Inform us before the start of your next class. There is no mandatory notice period, so your enrolment will cease with immediate effect and we’ll issue you a refund for your deposit, as well as the fees you’ve paid for any remaining lessons.

All refunds will be ready for collection at our reception desk within 2 working days unless otherwise specified.

We don’t believe in locking you down, and if we’re not a good fit, we'll fully support your decision to find an alternative that works for you.

The simple truth is that we are educators first, so as a student, you’ll always come first.