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By Accelerated Masters and consistent Dean's List holder, Jack Ng.
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koh pei wen
yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
Achevas is hands down the best jc math tuition center I’ve ever come across! Jack (the tutor) is very conscientious and is able to compress as well as simplify just about every single topic in the h2 math syllabus. he constantly keeps track of our math results in school and is more than happy to go through any worksheets/ answer any queries we have! Jack also tries his best to be engaging/interactive as well as injects humour into lessons to capture the attention of students and help students to memorise certain concepts/ steps more easily. Besides that, Jack also personally crafts notes that are simplified to ensure each and every student is able to comprehend and apply the different concepts. he also includes examples as well as explanations where necessary to ensure that the notes provided by Achevas is not only concise and easy to understand, but also not lacking in any crucial information in the syllabus. In fact, Achevas also has explanation videos for students to refer to at home (to cater to the auditory learners out there) as well as practice worksheets to ensure students have more than sufficient material to prepare for a levels:-) Overall, Achevas has truly been an enormous help to my h2 math grades, boosting my grades by about 5 grades since i first joined! Truly the gem of all tuition centers, highly recommended for sure!
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jerrold wee
yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
Great place with friendly staff, queries on courses are answered concisely. Facilities looks new.
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Jean Ang
yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
Curriculum in Achevas is well planned and notes for each topic are concise, with important points colour coded for easy reference! Also, Mr Ng is a dedicated and caring teacher, always encouraging his students to strive on even during stressful times. Consultations after lessons are also very helpful! Furthermore, I would highly recommend Achevas TV as it is really easy to use and great for last minute revision!
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yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
This is the best maths tuition I've ever been to. Jack is an extremely qualified maths tutor who engages in a interesting teaching style to impart his knowledge. Be it giving us really helpful exam tips to answering queries at 2am, Achevas really is the key to great exam performance. Additionally, it's not uncommon for Jack to put himself in the shoes of his students in order to teach concepts in the perspective of a student that becomes easily understandable. Highly recommend If you're interested in learning maths in an interesting and engaging manner. Thanks for all the help Jack. :)
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kai ling
yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
achevas is a really good math tuition !! i joined a few months before alvls & my maths grade has increased tremendously from an E in prelims to a B in Alvls!! really am thankful for mr jack's patient & concise teaching as well as the Achevas tv which was a really good resource :)
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yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
Really made me genuinely enjoy H2 Math (I used to dislike it) and I improved tremendously ever since I joined Achevas :)) I was able to apply the simplest concepts to the most complicated questions, which was an extremely efficient method of practising math :))
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Rem Sievert
yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
I can honestly say that Achevas tuition was the only thing that saved my Math. I scored A’s for Math all throughout pri and sec school, and was even chosen represent my school in a prestigious international competition, but in JC, instead of scoring, I found myself struggling. Math quickly went from being my favourite subject to my most hated, and I gradually lost interest and eventually switched off entirely. After nearly failing my promos, I finally stopped procrastinating and looked for tuition. My netball teammates were attending Mr Jack’s class, so I just tagged along. In school, I never understood what my teachers were talking about half the time (I think most students can relate haha), but when I heard Mr Jack’s explanation, everything suddenly became crystal clear. Jack has the uncanny ability to make even the most difficult topics easy to understand, and after attending classes at Achevas, my grades began to improve from U to C and finally to an A! Thank you Mr Jack for all your help and guidance!
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Singi Das
yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
Really effective methods of teaching students and helped me to jump grades just within a few months of teaching! Achevas does not only teach how to score marks in exams, but focuses in helping students understand concepts at greater depth, since application is very important in H2 Math. 10/10 would recommend to any students out there struggling with A Level Math!
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yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
Achevas is the best tuition centre for JC Math! I was able to achieve an A in A Levels with Achevas.
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claire ngern
yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
a really good jc math tuition!! with the achevas tv that provides valuable resources 24/7 alongside the guidance of an encouraging and insightful teacher, one will be well-equipped to think critically and tackle many h2 math questions efficiently. thank you:-)!
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H2 Math Tuition

Achieve true mastery of A-Level H2 Math with our highly structured, yet refreshingly dynamic tuition classes.

Use the most effective and strategic way to learn A-Level H2 Math: Achevas's unique Theory-Centric and Practice-Centric (TCPC) approaches were developed to help any student excel in H2 Math, regardless of their background.
Upper Secondary Math

A-Math/IP Math Tuition

Build a ROCK-SOLID foundation with Achevas' secondary school Additional Math and IP3/4 Math tuition program.

Sec4 Final Exam Booster Weekly Class
For Sec4/IP4 students sitting for final exam in Year 2024
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By Master Tutor, Janice Ong: A Certified IGCSE Examiner, Ms. Janice has consistently produced students who attain the prestigious Cambridge Additional Math "Top In The World" award.
Achevas H2 Math Methodology
"While we have made it our personal mission to produce students who are academically strong, our ultimate goal is to instil a true and deep love for learning."
Achevas H2 Math Tuition Team

Don't just take our word for it, hear from our students.

"What I cherish the most is how I'm allow to approach learning H2 Math differently and actually focus on deriving meaning from what I learn, and I think that's a lot more valuable than results alone."
Five stars, 5 stars
— Aravind (H2 Math)

"The lessons really helped me understand the concepts rather than my usual practice with no purpose. Everyone told me that H2 Math tuition wouldn't be helpful because it would just be practicing questions that I can do myself but I completely disagree!"
Five stars, 5 stars
— Shi Hui (H2 Math)

"The tutor inspires his students to want to learn more about Math, and to come to care about how much they understand about Math rather than simply doing the questions by rote."
Five stars, 5 stars
— Alisa (H2 Math)

"I don’t think anyone could have taught me the subject better than you."
Five stars, 5 stars
— Michelle (A Math)

"Your relentless spirit to look beyond all of our shortcomings and be a perfect teacher to a group of less than perfect students inspires me and so many others. It makes me believe that I can achieve my full potential."
Five stars, 5 stars
— Shabita (A Math)

Our founder, Jack Ng

Jack holds a First Class Honors Degree from the National University of Singapore, completing his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in 4½ years instead of the usual 6 through the invitation-only Accelerated Masters Program. A Book Prize winner, Jack maintained a place on the Dean's List for the entirety of his academic career.

High quality H2 Math tuition doesn't have to come with a high price tag.

With prices starting at $180 every 4 weeks, you can get the boost you need, without breaking the bank.

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