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Leaders in high quality Math tuition. Our highly strategic approach has helped many students excel in their H2 Math, IP Math and Additional Math.
By Accelerated Masters and consistent Dean's List holder, Jack Ng.
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Caitlin Wee Fern
yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
Jack was / is an amazing Math tutor — he always made seemingly complex and daunting Math questions simple by bringing our attention back to the basics & was very effective in teaching us the foundations in H2 Math that would help us tackle any question. Jack was also very patient in clarifying any doubts we had, and his passion for the subject & knowledge acquisition was very inspiring! Thanks to Jack’s / Achevas’ topical summary sheets & video explanations which were clear & concise, I never had to watch my school’s videos, and this saved me a lot of time. Am glad to have been a student of Jack’s / Achevas :)
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yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
Mr Jack is a super devoted and an amazing teacher! Every lesson in Achevas was enriching with something new to learn. Mr Jack would tell us stories that explained his systematic approach to problem solving and tackling the exam paper. This made it really easy to retain information along side making class really entertaining! Mr Jack was extremely patient and always went the extra mile especially nearer to the exam period to guide me through harder questions. He always managed to break questions down and make them simple enough to comprehend! This is simply the best math tuition I've had! Thank you so much Mr Jack!!
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Ong Helen
yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
Jack is amazing. His style of teaching is brilliant. He makes Math so easy and fun. Definitely the best Math teacher I’ve ever seen. If only every teacher could teach like him!
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Poh Wei Hao
yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
Consistently scoring an S or E from the start of J2 and realised that i needed to cover some gaps and misconceptions. Then, i saw a tiktok video where Mr Ng was explaining a question with great detail and decided i could give his class a shot. Though i joined late into j2 with about 6 months left before the start of A levels, i have learnt a lot from Mr Ng and he has never failed to clear my doubts. His learning materials on achevas made learning math much easier as well as the summary notes for quick revision. Eventually, i managed to clutch an A in the A levels. If you feel that you need someone to clear your doubts, definitely give Achevas a shot.
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Cheryl Lee
yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
Jack is an extremely experienced and dedicated teacher. He knows the JC H2 Math syllabus like the back of his hand and makes each and every tuition session a fruitful one for his students. Resources provided, whether it was the outlines and practices during tuition or videos uploaded on Achevas TV, aided me significantly in the understanding of important concepts as well as exposing me to a variety of question types on the different topics that my teachers in school do not focus on that much. This gave me an edge over my peers in school and increased my confidence in math, allowing me to better tackle any tests or examinations.
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Jensen Huang
yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
Mr Ng is a capable and diligent tutor, with after-class support unrivalled by any other tutor. With full notes for every single topic at online.achevas.com, and quick responses to every query over whatsapp, I highly recommend this for any jc1 or 2 student hoping to achieve an A in math. Furthermore, there are free lessons livestreamed for any student, with the limit being your own motivation to attend. Overall, A+.
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yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
Really made me genuinely enjoy H2 Math (I used to dislike it) and I improved tremendously ever since I joined Achevas :)) I was able to apply the simplest concepts to the most complicated questions, which was an extremely efficient method of practising math :))
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javier peh
yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
Jack was clear and concise with his explanations, breaking down major concepts into smaller chunks, making such concepts easier to understand. Whenever I had questions, Jack would ensure that all my doubts were clarified. Jack often stays back after class to answer any questions that was posed to him. With extensive and extremely detailed resources provided by Jack, such as AchevasTV, it has helped me significantly for my revision.
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aiden seah
yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
wonderful learning experience! professional and customised.
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Queenie Ren
yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star yellow star
Jake is an amazing math tutor who always breaks extremely tough questions into simpler terms by going into the basics which makes these questions easier to understand and able to solve it better. Furthermore, with all the resources on Achevas TV, i do not feel the need to look at my lecture notes anymore as the video resources have helped me a lot in clearing my doubts and preparing for my a levels. Really glad to be a student of achevas and would recommend to everyone! (-:
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H2 Math Tuition

Achieve true mastery of A-Level H2 Math with our highly structured, yet refreshingly dynamic tuition classes.

Use the most effective and strategic way to learn A-Level H2 Math: Achevas's unique Theory-Centric and Practice-Centric (TCPC) approaches were developed to help any student excel in H2 Math, regardless of their background.
Secondary O-Level/IP

Additional Math Tuition

Build a ROCK-SOLID foundation with Achevas' secondary school tuition program.

By Master Tutor, Janice Ong: A Certified IGCSE Examiner, Ms. Janice has consistently produced students who attain the prestigious Cambridge Additional Math "Top In The World" award.
Achevas H2 Math Methodology
"While we have made it our personal mission to produce students who are academically strong, our ultimate goal is to instil a true and deep love for learning."
Achevas H2 Math Tuition Team

Don't just take our word for it, hear from our students.

"What I cherish the most is how I'm allow to approach learning H2 Math differently and actually focus on deriving meaning from what I learn, and I think that's a lot more valuable than results alone."
Five stars, 5 stars
— Aravind (H2 Math)

"The lessons really helped me understand the concepts rather than my usual practice with no purpose. Everyone told me that H2 Math tuition wouldn't be helpful because it would just be practicing questions that I can do myself but I completely disagree!"
Five stars, 5 stars
— Shi Hui (H2 Math)

"The tutor inspires his students to want to learn more about Math, and to come to care about how much they understand about Math rather than simply doing the questions by rote."
Five stars, 5 stars
— Alisa (H2 Math)

"I don’t think anyone could have taught me the subject better than you."
Five stars, 5 stars
— Michelle (A Math)

"Your relentless spirit to look beyond all of our shortcomings and be a perfect teacher to a group of less than perfect students inspires me and so many others. It makes me believe that I can achieve my full potential."
Five stars, 5 stars
— Shabita (A Math)

Our founder, Jack Ng

Jack holds a First Class Honors Degree from the National University of Singapore, completing his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in 4½ years instead of the usual 6 through the invitation-only Accelerated Masters Program. A Book Prize winner, Jack maintained a place on the Dean's List for the entirety of his academic career.

High quality H2 Math tuition doesn't have to come with a high price tag.

With prices starting at $180 every 4 weeks, you can get the boost you need, without breaking the bank.

Achevas TV - The largest H2 Math Resource in Singapore

Academic support that extends beyond the classroom

Introducing Achevas TV, Singapore's largest collection of H2 Math videos and online resources designed to be the perfect complement to our tuition classes.

Critical Time Management

Doing an A-Level H2 Math exam paper is more like competing in a Formula 1 race than a 100-metre dash. How so? Well, it is no longer going to be as straightforward as running at top speed in a straight line. Rather, we should expect to be met with sudden twists and sharp turns along the way. It goes without saying then, that maintaining the exact same pace will not be the best for us, strategy-wise.
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