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We’ve perfected a set of strategies for the H2 Math syllabus, and we’re here to help you learn with maximum efficiency.
It’s exactly what you’re supposed to have in your brain before entering an examination.
~ J. J. Ong | Hwa Chong Institution (Junior College) ~

Theory-Centric vs Practice-Centric: A brief introduction

Theory-Centric and Practice-Centric H2 Math Methodology Schematic

A Theory-Centric topic is one that requires some preliminary groundwork before we start our first attempt at a question. In other words, we need to first establish a base of knowledge in order for practice to be a meaningful exercise.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have a Practice-Centric topic. Even without any prior knowledge, analysis of a sufficiently wide range of questions and illustrative examples should give us enough information to piece together a rough conceptual framework of the topic.

In reality, every topic in the H2 Math syllabus falls somewhere between these two extremes. The tricky part is figuring out the right combination of Theory-Centric and Practice-Centric strategies.

Discover the best approach for every topic in the H2 Math syllabus

Through a decade of experience, in-depth analysis and extensive field-testing, we’ve engineered the most optimal learning strategy for every single topic.

At Achevas, a lot goes into curriculum planning and lesson design. Instructional components are carefully selected to help you build a solid understanding of each topic along with its theoretical underpinnings, and more importantly, develop the versatility to apply what you’ve learned to a diverse range of exam-level questions.

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Jack holds a First Class Honors Degree from the National University of Singapore, completing his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in 4½ years instead of the usual 6 through the invitation-only Accelerated Masters Programme. A Book Prize recipient, Jack maintained a place on the Dean's List for the entirety of his academic career. [ Read more ]
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