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Starting JC1?
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Join us for our "Introduction to H2 Math" information session (20 Jan 2018, 2pm) where Jack Ng will cover topics such as:
  • What exactly to expect when doing Math at JC level
  • The real reason why many students go from excelling in Additional Math to failing H2 Math
  • How to build a rock-solid foundation and an unshakable framework of knowledge
We'll be glad to answer any questions you might have, so hang around for our Q&A session!
Admission is free, and all are welcome! Exclusive discounts are available to all guests.

The Achevas System

Our threefold system powerfully streamlines the process of knowledge acquisition, and aids internalisation as well as retention.

The more efficiently we can help you study, the higher your returns on any cognitive investment. As a result, you learn more, and you learn better.

1. How We Teach

Our classes are designed to equip you with a thorough understanding of H2 Math, as well as the techniques and strategies for optimal exam performance. [ … ]

2. Achevas Outlines

Our incredibly concise, yet perfectly comprehensive topical outlines are developed to meet your needs at each stage of learning. [ … ]

3. Achevas TV

Round-the-clock academic support, so you can revise and recap anytime, anywhere. [ … ]
Our teacher

Jack Ng

Jack holds a First Class Honours Degree from the National University of Singapore, completing his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in 4½ years instead of the usual 6 through the invitation-only Accelerated Masters Programme. A Book Prize recipient, Jack maintained a place on the Dean's List for the entirety of his academic career.
90% of our Class of 2016 attained As and Bs

What Our Students Say

I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from lessons with Mr Jack. The use of Outlines and C+Qs in teaching and subsequently revising topics in class led these to be essentials I used in my personal revision. And the way he carried out lessons and drilled concepts and steps into us really helped me approach questions using these as a guide. It had grounded my understanding and foundation. Mr Jack’s revision classes are also really unique and effective. Besides just getting us to practice and practice, he targets specific segments of topics and drills us, and then exposes us to such questions in different variations. I feel that being in his class, I have no room for complacency, and am thus always motivated to keep on practicing and improving. I also felt that the methods he taught us to revise and practice could be brought over to my other subjects and hence found them highly useful. Additionally, Mr Jack is a really passionate and caring teacher and he puts a lot of thought into his lessons and materials. He would share occasional stories in class and explains even the rationale behind his plans and methods. I think my journey doing H2 math would not have been as smooth and enjoyable if not for the guidance I received from Mr Jack :)
Charmain Koh | Raffles Institution (Junior College)