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Jack Ng
Tutor with a Stellar Academic Track Record
Jack was invited to be a part of the prestigious NUS Accelerated Masters Program, which sped up his university education by almost 2 years. Despite the much heavier workload, with TOP™, he remained on the Dean's List every academic semester and was a Book Prize recipient.
Learning Methodology
Thorough Outlining Process
Thorough Outlining Process™ (TOP) is a simple yet effective methodology which empowers students to score consistently good grades in Mathematics.

Thorough Outlining Process Step 1
From pages of lengthy notes To a powerfully condensed topical outline Which only gets better with use
"It’s exactly what you’re supposed to have in your brain before entering an examination."
J.J. Ong | Hwa Chong Institution (Junior College)
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What Our Students Say
Jack's passion towards math is evident in his teaching. I never fail to be inspired by his stories and experiences that have moulded him and how he apply and relate them to math, providing food for thought after every lesson. Besides his interesting way of teaching, he provides additional help after class or even through whatsapp to those who need it, to ensure complete understanding of any concepts or questions. It is his dedication that fuels this drive in me to achieve better grades and not to disappoint him. Under his guidance, I developed immense understanding and appreciation for math, as Jack is one tutor who explains all these formulae which many of us merely apply without wondering the workings behind it. With his different methods of teaching and approachable personality, he will definitely make your journey in conquering math an easier and enjoyable one.
Lee Shiyun | National Junior College
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JC H2 Maths Online by Jack Ng
Have the entire H2 Maths syllabus at your fingertips.
  • HD Quality Video Lectures and TOP™ Topical Outlines by Jack Ng allow for self-paced learning and easy revisitation of concepts anytime, anywhere
  • JC Exam Question Database with step-by-step detailed video solutions gives instant clarification
  • Video solutions to A-Level H2 Maths past year papers (FREE)
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