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Jack Ng
Tutor with a Stellar Academic Track Record
Jack was invited to be a part of the prestigious NUS Accelerated Masters Program, which sped up his university education by almost 2 years. Despite the much heavier workload, with TOP™, he remained on the Dean's List every academic semester and was a Book Prize recipient.
Learning Methodology
Thorough Outlining Process
Thorough Outlining Process™ (TOP) is a simple yet effective methodology which empowers students to score consistently good grades in Mathematics.

Thorough Outlining Process Step 1
From pages of lengthy notes To a powerfully condensed topical outline Which only gets better with use
"It’s exactly what you’re supposed to have in your brain before entering an examination."
J.J. Ong | Hwa Chong Institution (Junior College)
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What Our Students Say
The best teachers inspire you, entertain you and you end up learning a ton without even knowing it. Jack was one such teacher. He not only provided concise, visually appealing topical summaries for easy revision, but also patiently stayed back after lessons to go through concepts we were unsure of and work out any questions we could not solve. His step-by-step approach meant that his explanations for even the difficult problems became supremely easy to grasp. I especially enjoyed the fact that rather than settle for letting us memorise formulae, he went into the reasoning and proofs behind them. This proved to be particularly beneficial as it addressed misconceptions I was not even aware I had! His lessons were rather lively as well, making it vastly easier to concentrate and absorb the material. All in all, the year I spent under Jack’s tutelage not only improved my mathematical ability but also nurtured a deeper appreciation for the subject.
M Kayal Pillay | Raffles Institution (Junior College)
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JC H2 Maths Online by Jack Ng
Have the entire H2 Maths syllabus at your fingertips.
  • HD Quality Video Lectures and TOP™ Topical Outlines by Jack Ng allow for self-paced learning and easy revisitation of concepts anytime, anywhere
  • JC Exam Question Database with step-by-step detailed video solutions gives instant clarification
  • Video solutions to A-Level H2 Maths past year papers (FREE)
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